Welcome to my website and for reading my first blog!

So why have I gone to all the trouble to have this website and blog created? Well it’s because I am one very angry person. Everywhere you turn people are carrying out gross insanities to wildlife and animals across the world. It has to stop!! You have to help make it stop! We all have to ensure it stops!

In countries across the world wildlife is being slaughtered to extinction. But humans are not killing these animals and birds to eat in order to survive. They are killing them for pleasure and recreation!

Apparently hunters like ‘the thrill of the chase’. It’s the excitement they feel when they are trying to get something that is ‘hard to get’. But the sad reality is that huntsmen on horseback with a pack of two dozen hounds chasing a fox isn’t ‘hard to get’. A trophy hunter in Africa on a canned hunt being driven over to a lion within a small enclosure to shoot it within feet away isn’t ‘hard to get’. A big game hunter surrounded by guides in the African bush steered towards an elephant and told when and where to shoot it isn’t ‘hard to get’. A pod of pilot whales driven into a shallow coastal bay in the Faroe Isles to be attacked by humans in shallow water wielding spears and knives aren’t ‘hard to get’.

Please don’t call it sport…

it’s only sport if two individuals or teams compete against each other on a level playing field. It’s about fairness where each player or teams theoretically have an equal chance of succeeding by abiding by the same set of rules.

When has foxhunting or shooting grouse and pheasants ever had both teams playing by the same set of rules? Let’s not even call them field sports or bloodsports. I much prefer to label them ‘violentsports’ because it comes down to deliberate and unprovoked slaughter of precious wildlife.

How many times do you hear hunters say they are not blood thirsty individuals?

In fact they will go as far as saying they ‘respect’ the wildlife they kill. What sort of ‘respect’ is that when two minutes later they will say it’s also a way of practising their marksmanship. Really? But then you know what is coming next …….the word conservation of course!

The drab voice of hunters hiding behind their view of why they need to murder defenceless animals with their bows and rifles. “It’s an integral part of effective wildlife conservation making a positive contribution to the countryside in general. If animals have to be killed anyway it makes no difference if it is enjoyable or not.’ But of course it’s just ‘effective wildlife conservation’. No it’s a load of rot made up to justify their pleasure!

Why can’t they stick to racing cars, playing football, snowboarding, going to gigs or some other recreational activities we humans are so fond of doing in our spare time? The opportunities to amuse ourselves are endless. There is no need to kill wildlife for fun.

Another thing is that I am sick of reading about and listening to the propaganda of people from so called ‘rural communities’ in the UK who think they are the chosen ones to look after the countryside. What is the rural community these days? Well in the last thirty years rural towns and villages have been overrun with urbanites moving in from the larger towns and sprawling cities. In some areas where new housing estates have been built they are the majority population.

So it’s very unlikely the majority of people living in the rural countryside participate in hunting and what I now term as ‘violentsports’. Polls have shown 82 per cent of people living in the rural countryside want to keep the foxhunting ban. Having lived in the countryside for the last 22 years I am well aware of how the majority of folk do not support killing gamebirds and wild birds for fun.

Why do we have to listen to the hunting and shooting fraternity describing their love of killing animals and birds as CONSERVATION or PEST CONTROL!

As if their sadistic recreational amusement is a good thing not only for the countryside but also for our planet.

They spout the most ridiculous spew on their efforts and money they give back to the countryside in the name of conservation? The shooting industry does it to make money!  That is all they do it for! They kill far, far in excess of what gamebirds end up on a table. They pay the game dealers to take them away and dispose of them.

In order to safeguard the grouse they have to annihilate the wildlife across the grouse moors by burning, trapping and snaring, creating stink pits and shooting. The result from doing all that is that they end up with a large enough number of grouse for them to shoot come the shooting season. But in recent years, after making the grouse moors sterile (void of any other wildlife) they have been complaining they haven’t had enough grouse to shoot!  It’s total madness! Ban grouse shooting for good!!

As one spokesperson from a well known shooting organisation on the ’Fieldsports Channel TV’ said, “if the shooting fraternity didn’t shoot grouse then our moors and uplands would go back to being wild again”. Exactly! That’s what we want for our wildlife! There is a huge percentage of just normal decent people out there in Britain who want to see our wildlife living their natural life in the wild.

Hunting for fun across the planet is so perverse in this day and age. We have to make it our mission to uncover the senseless cruelty of what is happening to wildlife in order to stop the callous annihilation of species across our planet. But it’s not just about hunting. It’s about human populations taking more and more land and destroying natural habitats for wildlife. It’s about deforestation and reckless exploitation of the earth’s natural assets. People need to understand climate change which is well and truly upon us.

We have to come to terms with the reality that we are all going to have to find different ways of living in order to protect our wildlife as well as ourselves.

No more procrastination…………we have to do something about it NOW!

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