Grouse shooting has to be banned in the UK!

The shooting fraternity has kept themselves back in the shadows since hunting was banned at the beginning of 2005. By doing so they seemed to have been left alone.

Well not quite but it seems that fox hunting has been more to the fore with their dreadful antics in recent years. We have of course the hunt saboteurs and hunt monitors to thank for all their hard work. They have done an amazing job getting so many hunts prosecuted for illegal hunting and long may it continue until a total ban becomes the law.

But the time has come to shine the light on the shooting industry. More and more people are becoming disgusted with their practices. So now is the time to let people know what practices are carried out in fieldsports or bloodsports or as I like to call them ‘violentsports’.

Such is the greed for making money in more recent years with their gamebird farms, colossal imports of pheasant poults and ‘over-managed’ grouse moors, the public is actively turning against them in larger and larger numbers. In this blog I am going to write about the ritual barbaric slaughter of driven grouse shooting.

Nothing is allowed to spoil the ‘driven’ grouse shooters’ excitement and enjoyment of shooting the hell out of these gamebirds.

Everything on the moors and uplands is managed and conserved for the purpose of shooting grouse. Those that have tens of thousands of pounds to spare can have a ‘good’ day participating in driven grouse shooting. This is where beaters drive the grouse over the heads of the shooters. The reason for this is the grouse fly thick and fast for the shooter to test his shooting skills by killing as many birds that fly over him whilst he stands in his little ‘butt’.

I am sick of saying it. It’s NOT SPORT!!! It’s grotesque and sick! For those who don’t have a lot of spare dosh they can do ’walked up’ shooting with their dog. A small group might manage to shoot say 20 grouse on a good day. These grouse will likely all be eaten. Those grouse shot by driven shooting can amount to many hundreds and they are most likely to be taken away by the game dealer for say 30p a bird for disposal. The shoot will have charged £40 upwards per bird shot so a mega profit for them on top of the shooting fees.

Conservation is only carried out to protect the grouse!

The form of conservation on the moors is to ensure the development of optimal breeding habitat for grouse. Our wildlife is decimated to ensure the grouse has the maximum protection. Foxes, badgers, and birds of prey are trapped and shot even if a species has protection by law. The problem is they eat grouse! So they are annihilated.

But what I have had difficulty with is that it seems rather insane to go to all the trouble with ‘managing’ the moors and getting rid of all the wildlife……… so the grouse can be barbarically shot dead for recreational fun, within say a matter of weeks. All things precious to people and shooters on the moors and uplands seem to come to a bloody end. FOR WHAT????


Our birds of prey are precious wildlife and are becoming extinct on the moors thanks to persecution from game estates and farmers.

There is nothing worse than a beautiful adult golden eagle spreading its wings in full flight with a snare clamped to its leg. Obviously in pain and likely to die. The hares are decimated because they carry ticks and the shooting industry believes they can pass on a viral illness to the grouse. Meanwhile the grouse are fed medicated grit to reduce worm parasites. Urghhh!! They go to great lengths to care for the grouse. Then bang bang! Dead grouse shot for fun fun fun with the shooters little gun gun gun!

But it’s not finished there. The estate owners allow burning of the moors to encourage new heather growth. Grouse like to feed off these tender, tasty new shoots of heather. But not only is the burning of the moors damaging sensitive peatland habitat it’s also killing small animals like mice, voles, stoats, weasels, otters, snakes, insects and butterflies. The moors hold an abundance of wildlife which thanks to the shooting industry is being wiped out and the moors are becoming a sterile landscape.


The whole industry of shooting grouse is run to make maximum profits for the owners of the moors and shoots from a tiny number of very wealthy participants.

They talk about tradition and about the hundreds of millions of pounds that goes into our economy and like many people I am not impressed. You see from what I have gathered many beaters and helpers give their services for free and collect cash from tips given to them by the wealthy shooters. So how does that show up in the economy in terms of income tax?

Hotels and restaurants make a good living from their wealthy guests staying but why can’t they not cater for walkers and people who come on holiday during the late summer and autumn. I am sure the staff get hefty tips but I doubt that will show up on their payslips!

Grouse shooting in this day and age has no purpose except for the few that like to blast them out of the sky. Our wildlife that has been around for hundreds of thousands of years are MORE IMPORTANT than keeping grouse numbers up. There is no argument about this. The public out there are making their feelings known as they receive more and more information regarding the background to The Inglorious Twelfth’.

Grouse shooting should be banned to the history books. Enough is definitely enough!

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