The Clock Goes Tick-Tock (There Is a Way)

by Sharon Bull

Our hearts feel like lead,
The headlines fill us with dread,
It’s the thought of the misery and pain,
The increasing conflict,
The hurt that we inflict
Can only be classed as insane!

We fight with each other,
We destroy, not discover,
We kill, we maim, we command,
We let others suffer
So, that we can look tougher,
We pillage, we extinguish, we demand.

Poaching Ivory African Elephant






And the gasps and the sighs
As we see through our eyes
The devastation we cause to our land,
The majestic we cull
So that pockets are full
From the sale of ivory and fur to look grand.

Trophy Hunting Elephants Poaching






We shoot and we hunt
With the excuse to confront
Our protection from diseases and threat,
But the only contamination
Is man’s ego inflation,
And this will sadly be our biggest regret.

And why is it we feel
That it’s okay to steal
The dolphins that live in our ocean,
For pure entertainment
We allow their containment
With no thought for their hurt or emotion.

Global Warming Arctic Melting







We choose to ignore
That with each plastic straw
We are choking the life in our seas,
Global warming, plastic waste
the most urgent tasks we’ve faced,
We are bringing our planet to its knees.

We disregard a bee’s life,
An orangutan’s, and a tree’s life
Eradicating the planet’s natural beauty,
Many species are in danger
From selfish human behaviour,
Their protection surely must be our duty.

Bush Fires Australia






And while the bush-fires burn,
And the floods overturn
the countless lives left with nothing at all,
Untold animals perish,
But, it’s the lifestyle we cherish
that is party to our world climate’s downfall

We believe God is our role
With the need to control
Every creature, the land and the sea,
We domineer and we boss
With disregard for the loss,
Yet the right way is to love and let be.

Industrial pollution smog






And as the clock goes tick-tock
We all need to take stock,
Government promises must be guaranteed,
We are playing Russian roulette,
How crucial must it get
Before each of us decide to take the lead.

Because we know there’s a way
And we can change from today,
We can help to enrich other’s lives,
We know there’s a way
There is only one way,
We’ve already proved that this one deprives!

While we live this old way
Limitation will stay,
Yet there’s more than enough to go around,
If greed continues to breed,
Is seen as a way to succeed,
We’re as doomed as the earth’s sacred ground.

Rhinos Extinction Endangered






It’s the world we must save
And the happiness we crave
Is not wrapped up in material-wealth,
It’s now time to reign in,
Encourage change to begin
And help our planet reach a clean bill of health.

But we know there’s a way
And we can start from today,
A united front will change all of our lives,
We know there’s a way
And there’s no other way,
We’ve already proved that this way deprives!

© 2020 Sharon Bull

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