It is the year 2019

Climate change is making its mark across the world environment. Sea ice and glaciers are melting, trees and plants are flowering earlier and animals and bird habitat ranges are changing. Sea levels are rising and the planet is getting warmer.  Scientists are warning global temperatures will continue to rise for decades.

There are solutions but they require us to make fundamental changes in our lives. The problem is there are not enough people who are willing to reform their lifestyles and embrace a new way of living. The human race appears to consider our planet is for them to do what they want with it. But our wildlife as well as farm and domestic animals and birds breathe the same air and live on the same planet as we do. They see the same moon and stars in the sky at night and when they die they are consigned to the same soil we are buried in.

So what right has the ever-expanding human population got to take away the natural habitats of wildlife and force them into a state of becoming extinct? Bear in mind we have made many species of animals, birds, insects and plants extinct already. You really don’t have to be a genius to work out that decimation of wildlife is the same way all humans will be going……extinct when the planet becomes too hot to survive on.

We know animals are sentient beings so why should humans feel the need to impose abject cruelty on living creatures. Humans shoot and hunt them for fun; enslave them for the ‘pleasure’ of tourists; torture them alive at festivals and for food; slaughter them in the name of tradition; use them to wager bets in racing and illegal fighting; rear them in disgusting factory conditions to provide cheap food for humans and traffick them for their body parts.

The Ageing Warrior is a concept that reminds us that we need to act now because no one gets any younger.

We need to keep the warrior spirit within ourselves because quite literally time is running out. We cannot sit back and accept that the planet in its present state is our legacy for future generations to come. It’s not an option to even think we are too helpless to do anything.

The website and blogs have been designed to deliver information about the predicament of wildlife, farm and domestic animals and climate change on the planet. If you think you cannot do anything for them on your own then turn to the ‘Good Guys’ on the website. There are plenty of ways to support these groups and organisations who are making waves out there. With more people on board they can make bigger waves and lobby politicians.

We will try and give information on events that are happening. If you are holding an event please give us details if we haven’t already put them up. Any other information like publications and updates on charities then please get in touch. There will be a blog which people can subscribe to and we will give out news and information, petitions and updates on the ‘Good Guys’ as well as blogs on specific topics.

What is left of the natural world on our planet is still an amazing place but it needs all the help it can get. Nature always defies belief. If it didn’t exist there is no human mind that could create it from scratch. There is so much that has been ravaged and laid waste in the name of big corporations wanting to make bigger and bigger profits. There are powerful people in government across the world who are denying the existence of climate change also in the name of profit. Such is the greed of humans. There are ordinary people who think it doesn’t affect them so they don’t care.

We need to take action now.

We need to educate ourselves as to what is going on across the planet. It’s not going to get better for any of us unless we do something about it. In this day and age we will have to drastically alter our relationship with the natural world. No longer can we tread the path of destruction. Take note. We are not just fighting for survival of wildlife……….we are also fighting for survival of human life!

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