Helen Seddon

David C Holroyd & Tracy J Holroyd

The Perfect Pair The Enchanted Mirror

The first book is a beautiful coming-of-age story that introduces our young trainer and his beloved Atlanteans, Duchess and Herb’e.
Like Capello, you will fall under the spell of ​The Enchanted Mirror.

Paperback Enchanted Mirror £7.99


The Perfect Pair The Mirror Cracks.

The second book takes you deep into the world of dolphin training as Capello learns to weave his magic on countless Atlanteans. However, this comes at a terrible price …

The Mirror Cracks.

Paperback The Mirror Cracks £7.99


The Perfect Pair Shards from the Mirror

The final book sees Capello in open conflict with the hierarchy as the true horrors of the captive cetacean industry hit home. An expose that will haunt you forever –

Shards from the Mirror.

Paperback Shards From The Mirror £8.99


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