Why Have All The Animals Gone?

About Helen Seddon

Helen Seddon is a passionate advocate for animals and wildlife. She is also a business owner, a writer and blogger and has supported many charities and their causes.

Her aim is to devote her time helping projects whose purpose is to protect wildlife species. Through well researched information she wants to reach as many people as possible to help them understand what is happening on our planet.

We must act now because there are so many animal, bird and insect species on the brink of extinction. Does the average ‘man or woman in the street’ actually know what is going on in the world with wildlife species? If they did then surely they would want to help save them. Many of the species covered in my book have lived on the earth for millions of years!

Everything is interconnected in nature which is why we need to have a healthy ecosystem for not just every animal, bird, insect and plant species but for humans as well. We are intertwined with wildlife on this planet. Their future is our future too.

The book ‘Why Have All The Animals Gone?’ was written by Helen Seddon to inform people and encourage them to act now to help save our precious wildlife. She guarantees her readers will be more informed and enlightened about wildlife, across our planet, by reading this book.



“I know you have done so much research for your amazing book. Your book should be used in schools to educate the younger generation.

Liz Parker

“Your research is excellent and you get straight to the point. Nothing dry and boring like many academic books. It would make a great handbook for keyboard warriors on Twitter or FB, and for those attending demos. Tells them all they have to know without their having to dig the info out themselves.”

Tracy J Holroyd

“This cleverly written book issues a sinister warning, a rude awakening, and yet gives a message of hope too. If you care about other species, you should read it. If you want to help make a difference, but not sure how, you should read it.”

Sharon Bull

“Why Have All The Animals Gone? is a moving and painfully honest book, that shines a light on the way humans are treating the planet. Helen’s research and knowledge educated me to no end, and I encourage any person who cares about the other species in this world to pick up a copy, and start making a difference.”

Jordan Cooke

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